• Fostering Global Leaders

Fostering Global Leaders

Leveraging the depth and breadth of its disciplines, Kyushu University is advancing educational programs that cross the boundaries of majors, from the humanities to the sciences.
This philosophy is highlighted by the restructuring of the educational system to connect all stages of a student's development, from the undergraduate core curriculum-called KIKAN education-and specialty courses to graduate studies, through the establishment of the Faculty of Arts and Science in 2011 on the 100th anniversary of Kyushu University's founding.
In this same spirit, Kyushu University opened the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation, its twelfth undergraduate school, in April 2018 based on a completely new model for undergraduate education in Japan.

Fostering Global Leaders

KIKAN Education

Through the KIKAN education, students learn fundamental academic skills for new knowledge acquisition and problem solving, such as how to look, think, and learn critically.
The KIKAN education combines general education subjects and departmental courses to train active learners for whom learning is at the core of their being.
Active learners take initiative to challenge the status quo and are not afraid to take on unprecedented problems and new situations.
The KIKAN education is also unique as it provides excellent collaborative opportunities for learning and discussion among groups of students across the humanities and the sciences such as Interdisciplinary Collaborative Learning of Social Issues and KIKAN education seminars.

KlKAN Education

School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation

Faculty of Agriculture Silkworm Research Center Succeeds in Developing Vaccine Candidate Proteins

The school aims to cultivate a global mindset in students, who are expected to be capable of identifying issues for themselves and working with others to solve current issues facing humankind.
At the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation, students develop their own problem-solving curriculum, engage in hands-on collaborative learning, and are required to study abroad.
This allows students to gain a deeper cultural appreciation, improve their English language proficiency and develop the broad worldview needed to consider problems in their larger context.

Distinctive Features

  1. 01 Curriculum blending the humanities with science

    Curriculum blending the humanities with science

    Cutting across the existing disciplines of the humanities, social sciences, and natural science, the curriculum will instill in students both humanities-based and scientific thinking, along with a diverse array of methodologies, and will feature learning based on practical challenges.

  2. 02 Collaborative learning (PBL/TBL*)

    • *PBL: Problem-Based Learning; TBL: Team-Based Learning
    Collaborative learning (PBL/TBL*)

    The curriculum will incorporate collaborative learning in which students discuss themes in groups and learn by working in partnership with others, thereby cultivating a broad outlook, flexible thinking, and multifaceted insight that will enable students to look at things from a variety of angles.

  3. 03 Classes in English and Japanese

    Classes in English and Japanese

    The curriculum will provide classes in both English and Japanese.
    In addition, intensive language courses that are tailored to each student's proficiency level will be offered.
    Through this multilingual curriculum, students will be able to improve their language skills to a practical level.

Short-Term Study Programs for a Year Abroad at Kyushu U

On top of degree-seeking programs, Kyushu University also offers short-term study programs for exchange students from leading partner institutions around the world.
Most representative are Japan in Today's World (JTW) and Japanese Language and Culture Course (JLCC), both of which run for a year to help students understand the basics of Japanese culture and society through both effective academic and experiencing activities.

Short-Term Study Programs for a Year Abroad at Kyushu U Short-Term Study Programs for a Year Abroad at Kyushu U