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The "KYUDAI NEWS" is a newsletter of Kyushu University which is affectionately called "Kyudai". It is issued quarterly and sent to alumni, universities and research Institutes world wide.

KYUDAI NEWS No.28 (2017 February)

[Top Topic]
School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation to Open in April 2018
(New project is under development. As of Feb., 2017)
[Special Feature]
Element 113 has an official name!
The name is nihonium, and the chemical symbol Nh.


KYUDAI NEWS No.27 (2015 Winter)

[Top Story] The Kyudai Symphony:Echoing Around the World
President of Kyushu University, Chiharu Kubo
[Special Feature] World-Leading Hydrogen Energy Research
Professor Kazunari Sasaki, Director of the International Research Center for Hydrogen Energy

Last Updated On:2017.3.16

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