Graduate Admissions

Enrolling as a Research Student

Research Students, Academic Students

Distinct research student and academic student systems were established to provide for those who wish to pursue specific research projects in undergraduate school, graduate schools, language and culture research centers, etc. The period for research is set within one year. Research students are accepted for undergraduate and graduate school studies, while academic students are accepted for undergraduate studies. The admission period is the beginning of the semester, but in special cases permission may be given to join later during the semester. When students wish to continue research, their stay can be extended by following the required procedures. Once research is complete, students may request issuance of certificates to document the research.


Auditors are those who wish to audit specific courses in undergraduate or graduate schools.
Approval for auditors is given by semester or grade.

Partial Course Students

Partial course students are those who are not students of Kyushu University, but have completed partial undergraduate and graduate school courses, which can be acquired as normal units.

Application Requirements

When taking courses (auditing) as research students, etc, the application requirements are as shown below.
Contact the respective faculty for auditor admission details.

Application Requirements Research Bachelor’s degree or equivalent level of education
Academic Graduation from junior college or completion of general education courses at university, or equivalent level of education
Auditor Completion of two or more years of university, or equivalent level of education
Partial Course Application requirements differ depending on the faculty
Application Procedure Submit the documents below to the dean of the appropriate faculty, or to that faculty’s research director for admissions or auditing.
  1. Admission or audit application (State research item or class to audit)
  2. Transcript and diploma from final school
  3. Foreign resident registration (Only for those who are already in Japan)
  4. Physical examination certificate
  5. Admission approval fee
  6. Two (2) photos
  7. Other documents requested by dean or research director
Application Period Application periods differ depending on the faculty.
Admission Period Beginning of each semester (April or October)