Office of the President

Ito Campus Declaration

 Kyushu University dates back to 1911, when it was established by the Japanese government in Fukuoka for its geographical significance at the entrance to continental Asia. It was founded to meet the demands of Japan’s industrial and energy revolution and to train advanced professionals in western Japan. It has since added many faculties and research centers to become one of Japan’s leading four-year universities, generating a body of research whose contributions have helped move human society forward. Throughout its history, the university has deepened its academic and educational ties with countries and regions in Asia and around the world, producing talented graduates who have gone on to effect social change in Japan and abroad.

 Kyushu University stands by its principles of creating a world-class center for education and research and building an open university that remains relevant by reinventing itself with the changes of the times. That is why we chose to integrate our Hakozaki, Ropponmatsu, and Haru-machi campuses and relocate to our all-new Ito Campus, a sprawling area across Fukuoka City’s Motooka and Kuwabara districts in Nishi-ku and neighboring Itoshima City.

 Ito Campus is located at Japan’s front door, a place where Japanese culture has long met the cultures of the Asian continent, a place blessed with rolling hills and an abundance of nature, where the latest technologies of the time made their way to the Japanese archipelago for centuries. Often called an “oasis of nature and history,” Ito Campus is 3km long and 2.5km wide, covering an area of over 272 hectares. It was built to coexist with the natural ecosystems and preserve sites of historical and archaeological significance.

 A two-thousand-meter passage runs east-west across campus. Not only does it link the wide-ranging disciplines of the humanities and social sciences with the faculties in the sciences, engineering, and agriculture, but it also symbolizes the bridge from past to future.

At Ito Campus, we are dedicated to:
1.    Producing world-leading professionals and new scientific breakthroughs
2.    Pioneering the frontier of future research and experimentation
3.    Coexisting in harmony with our historical and natural environment

 Kyushu University has built a campus that is both beautiful and practical, a place where students, faculty, and staff can learn, work, and compete globally with people wherever they are in the world. Today, Kyushu University opens a new door to university innovation, and we vow to take Japan and the world forward through our education and research. Expect nothing less than the best from Kyushu University.

Chiharu Kubo
President, Kyushu University
September 29, 2018 


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