Research at Kyushu University

Life and Health

Body and mind, cells and molecules

From the laboratory to the hospital and out into the field, Kyushu University researchers are studying nearly every aspect of life and health.

Clinical studies are ongoing at the medical school and hospital, while long-term studies spanning over fifty years are proving new insights into cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Dental health is another area of interest, with an eye on how it can affect quality of life and international work being done in the field of orthodontics.

Basic research into immunology, cancer biology, developmental biology, neurobiology, and genomes down to the cellular and molecular levels are aiming to cure diseases, whether through understanding basic structures, visualizing neuronal circuits, or improving genome analysis.

Health is also considered from mental and legal perspectives, including areas such as clinical psychology and control of and access to health records.

As part of work on pharmaceuticals, new processes for the environmentally friendly production of drugs and novel delivery methods are being studied.

Going beyond the human aspect, related work at the university also includes studying microbes, plants, and silkworms for use as bioresources, classifying insects and maintaining one of the largest insect collections in Japan, and more.


Research Centers and Laboratories

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