Research at Kyushu University

Math and Data

Viewing the world through numbers

Math and data provide the power to explain almost any phenomenon in an abstract form and the basic information needed to develop an understanding of the world around us, making them two important research areas at Kyushu University.

Research in mathematics includes diverse topics from the theoretical to the industrial, such as the investigation of specific functions and their connections to math and physics, the analysis of systems with an infinite number of particles, and the study of topology in addition to algebra, statistics, chaos theory, and more.

On the data side, researchers are looking into not only new ways to process and learn from data, such as with artificial intelligence and optimized methods for future supercomputers, but also ways to protect and securely transmit it, such as by detecting network threats and developing new encryption methods.

Going beyond topics like behavior modeling and the integration of data across scientific fields, data is also being considered from legal standpoints, including copyright, fair competition, and privacy and issues arising from the use of artificial intelligence.


Research Centers and Laboratories

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