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2022.09.09 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials Technology Environment & Sustainability
A little strain goes a long way in reducing fuel cell performance
Small changes in crystal structure at the interface between materials in ceramic fuel cells linked to drastic changes in conductivity that must be overcome to improve performance
2022.08.26 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials Technology
Small molecules, giant (surface) potential
Researchers create organic molecules that spontaneously align on a surface to generate controlled electric fields that could improve OLED performance and lead to new devices
2022.08.24 Research Results Humanities & Social Sciences Technology Environment & Sustainability
Digging through patents to make mining greener
Researchers identify R&D strategies for greener tech in the mining sector
2022.07.29 Research Results Humanities & Social Sciences Environment & Sustainability
Listening to the people results in a more sustainable future energy system
Energy plan for 2050 based on consumer preferences and future demographics of the US population includes 50% more electricity derived from renewable sources than current projections
2022.06.30 Research Results Math & Data Technology
Breaking AIs to make them better
Researchers investigate ways to make AIs more robust by studying patterns in their answers when faced with the unknown
2022.06.22 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Technology
Sniffing out your identity with breath biometrics
Researchers develop an olfactory sensor for biometric authentication using your breath
2022.06.01 Research Results Humanities & Social Sciences Life & Health
Finding the biological roots for pathological social withdrawal, Hikikomori
Researchers identify a number of key biomarkers in Hikikomori patients and show their promise for predicting the severity of the condition
2022.05.20 Research Results Life & Health
Uncovering new details of the brain's first line of defense
Researchers report in unprecedented detail how some of the brain's immune cells develop, and how to distinguish them from other cells
2022.05.16 Research Results Life & Health Physics & Chemistry
Time determines the type of cells that emerge in the mouse brain
Scientists show that a single protein, BMP2, and epigenetics determine the type of brain cells produced from neural stem cells
2022.04.28 Research Results Life & Health Physics & Chemistry
Exercise reverses cognitive deficiencies caused by anesthesia
Cognitive deficiencies caused by pediatric anesthesia in mice are due to changes in chromatin accessibility and can be reversed by exercise
2022.03.31 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
For long plant life, the secret is in DNA repair
Researchers find high copy number of DNA repair genes in long-lived trees
2022.03.18 Research Results Environment & Sustainability
Visible ocean plastics just the tip of the iceberg
Simulations find the majority of ocean plastics may be on the seafloor or otherwise difficult to monitor, with vastly more plastic waste likely trapped on land
2022.01.31 Research Results Technology Environment & Sustainability
Getting more power from renewable-based microgrids
Novel and low-cost control scheme that increases power extracted from local renewable sources could help accelerate utilization of renewable energy in buildings
2021.12.15 Research Results Life & Health
Short training regimen improves long‑term memory
Three half-hour sessions using feedback from monitoring of brain waves found to increase memories retained for a week
2021.12.14 Research Results Life & Health
Grasping the reality of addressing mental health issues arising from pandemic
Survey reveals mental health and welfare centers are playing a crucial role consulting on mental health related to COVID-19 in Japan
2021.11.30 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials Technology
Organics glow longer and stronger without depending on rare metals
Versatile, organic glow-in-the-dark materials closer to matching the performance of their inorganic counterparts
2021.10.27 Research Results Environment & Sustainability
Twenty-four trillion pieces of microplastics in the ocean and counting
Researchers publish most detailed dataset to date for assessing the amount of microplastics in the world's oceans and their effects on marine life
2021.10.25 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials
New multistep mechanism for nanostructure formation found in liquid crystals
Combination of molecular simulation and AI technologies making advances toward development of highly functional materials
2021.10.08 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Technology Environment & Sustainability
Low-cost, continuous seismic monitoring system to support emission reduction efforts
New system enables closer monitoring of underground activity in geothermal reservoirs and sequestered carbon dioxide for improved safety and efficiency
2021.09.24 Research Results Humanities & Social Sciences Environment & Sustainability
In the race to reduce car emissions, don't forget longevity
Extending car lifetime and first-owner possession length can reduce overall emissions more than accelerating replacement according to new study