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Bringing our expertise to the world to inspire social change

An international team of researchers from Japan and Germany has developed a new system that upconverts blue LED light into high-energy Ultraviolet B light without the toxic and inefficient materials of traditional approaches for UVB production.



Bringing our expertise to the world to inspire social change


Articles showcasing our expertise, innovative education, and unique features

Chinoike Jigoku Evening hot spring soaks lower cases of hypertension in older Japanese adults

Researchers from Kyushu U's Beppu Hospital find that bathing in Japanese 'onsen' in the evenings lowers prevalence of hypertension in Japanese adults over 65.

Britton Brooks Scholar Creator: Academic knowledge informs creative works

Prof Britton Brooks experiences have informed the trajectory of his research: the realization that everything is interconnected.

Screenshot from NASA's Conceptual Image Lab on Magnetic Reconnection Throughout the Solar System. Small solar flares in large laser bodies

Researchers use high-powered lasers to make small solar flares to study magnetic reconnection.

Luna Lionfish 3D model 3D flora and fauna at your fingertips

Repository of over 1,400 highly detailed 3D models of animals and plants captured with ‘Bio-photogrammetry’ publicly available.

Toshiyuki Kono In the wake of fire, authenticity in the spotlight: Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral and Shuri-jô Castle

The fire in the heart of Europe provided a breakthrough in the discussion of authenticity of cultural heritage after traumatic events.


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Kyushu University has been one of Japan’s leading research-oriented institutes of higher education since its founding in 1911. Home to around 19,000 students and 8,000 faculty and staff, Kyushu U's world-class research centers cover a wide range of study areas and research fields, from the humanities and arts to engineering and medical sciences.

Its multiple campuses—including the largest in Japan—are located around Fukuoka City, a coastal metropolis on the southwestern Japanese island of Kyushu that is frequently ranked among the world’s most livable cities and historically known as a gateway to Asia.

Kyushu U Connect is your portal for content and events aiming to better connect Kyushu U with society.

Curated by the Kyushu U international public relations team, this page features links—picked mainly from the Kyushu U website—to information highlighting research, education, and outreach happening at Kyushu U with a focus on how it will impact society and, hopefully, you.

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