Research at Kyushu University

Humanities and Social Sciences

Exploring what makes us human

At Kyushu University, researchers are investigating our past and present and the interactions that form our society from all angles.

Looking to the past, Japan is a region of focus from aspects including archaeology and history, exploring topics such as state formation and the influence of religious and philosophical thought on city construction.

Considering the broader region of Asia, work is ongoing in areas including policy for science, technology, and innovation, Asian and Korean studies, and social issues in Asia and Oceania.

Interactions related to business and economics are being studied from aspects including the development of social systems, entrepreneurship, and mathematical approaches for econometrics, while global governance and environmental justice are among areas being examined in the field of law.

Activities opening new perspectives in the languages, solving problems at each stage of education, and probing the emerging field of decision science are just a few more examples of the broad range of work being done at Kyushu University.


Research Centers and Laboratories

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