Research at Kyushu University

Environment and Sustainability

Ensuring a bright tomorrow

The air, land, and sea all around us form the basis for our environment, and research at Kyushu University is aiming to understand them at a basic level and reduce our impact on them to ensure a high quality of life for current and future generations.

Looking to the sky, how particles in the atmosphere affect climate change is being studied and modeled, while research out in the oceans includes investigations into coral reefs, seafloor morphology, and the harm plastics are causing.

Seismology, geology, volcanoes, forests, and agriculture are all a part of the research happening at Kyushu University to improve disaster prediction and conservation efforts on land.

To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, hydrogen is being thoroughly explored as an alternative energy from the aspects of conversion, utilization, and storage, along with wind energy and other technologies, and ways to use existing fuels more efficiently are being developed.

Finishing this short overview of just some of the related work ongoing at Kyushu University is the investigation of sustainability from social perspectives, including energy policy and environmental economics as well as business and architecture.


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