Research at Kyushu University

Physics and Chemistry

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Physics and chemistry research at Kyushu University spans from the subatomic to the planetary scale, from investigating the basic building blocks of matter and creating new elements to modeling and imaging the Earth and planets and evening considering ways to travel between them.

In addition to the physics of solids for applications such as spin electronics, researchers are studying gases, fluids, and even plasmas, which could hold the key to realizing fusion energy in the future, at cutting-edge facilities that include a synchrotron.

Chemists are creating new molecules to create new functions and better understand the world in areas including medicine, pharmaceuticals, biology, and electronics.

The development of new catalysts may hold the answer for solving energy issues, while polymers are being investigated for future tiny devices and for modification of surfaces.

Research happening at the intersection of these two fields includes areas such as organic electronics and sustainable energy, where researchers are looking into both new chemicals, materials, and physics to achieve new devices and energy sources.


Research Centers and Laboratories

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