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Comprehensive Collaboration

Comprehensive Collaboration's objective is not only to meet the individual research and development needs of enterprises, but to generate original concepts while combining all of the elements of research, and to develop, together with industry, cutting-edge practical technologies that can excel in international competition.

Through Comprehensive Collaboration, we organize optimal research groups reaching across the entire university in accordance with applicable research goals, and enter into agreements with enterprises. Furthermore, the Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office participates from the start, and seeks to build consensus on concrete details of the agreement including: 1) research goals, 2) research subject and scope, 3) research schedule (research time and term), 4) research structure, 5) research funds, 6) research management methods, 7) research result assessment methods, 8) intellectual property management and utilization methods, 9) introduction of public funds, and 10) research deliverables.

Details can be found here (Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office link).