Research at Kyushu University

Art and Design

Looking to the past and future

Art and design research at Kyushu University goes far beyond the traditional aspects and widely incorporates scientific and engineering approaches to humanize technology and solve social problems.

Work in the area of art is taking many forms, from the study of Asian art to the exploration of art’s role in promoting inclusiveness and the examination of international cultural heritage law to preserve for culturally significant art and sites for the future.

Design is being introduced as a key part of the process for solving social issues, building a better future by achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGS), and improving education and teaching.

By investigating issues such as how our senses are stimulated by our surroundings, researchers are using design as a means to improve our comfort and our interactions with our environment, regardless of age and ability.

With activities also ongoing in areas including industrial design, acoustic design and auditory perception, and communication, Kyushu University is set to design a better future for all.


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