Research at Kyushu University


Creating the future

Technology research at Kyushu University comes in many shapes and forms and has the power to change our daily lives in the future.

On the electronics side, new robotics are being developed for surgery and rehabilitation along with systems to improve how we interact with robots in the future.

In addition to inorganic electronics, researchers are developing new materials and electronics using organic materials, including organic light-emitting diodes, lasers, and solar cells.

Energy technologies, such as fuel cells and wind power, are another important area across the university.

Biotechnologies being studied range from improving food safety and developing devices that can taste and smell to new methods for analyzing the numerous small molecules in cells and more.

Finally, techniques for solving large-scale problems on next-generation supercomputers and methods for ensuring a secure internet infrastructure and IoT systems are just a few more of the many different types of technologies being developed at Kyushu University.


Research Centers and Laboratories

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