Donations to Schools, Graduate Schools, and Researchers, etc.

We accept donations (of money and/or securities, etc.) from companies and individuals to help to cover the cost of academic and clinical research carried out by schools, graduate schools, and specific researchers, as well as costs associated with the promotion of education and research, student support, and operational management. Such generosity plays an extremely important role in enhancing and furthering the development of academic research and education.

If the donor has specified the purpose for which the donation should be used, it will be used for that purpose, in accordance with Kyushu University’s rules and regulations. If the donor has not indicated a specific use, the university will specify the purpose for which it will be used.




【1】Specify the purpose of the donation
Donors may specify the purpose for which their donation is to be used. When making a decision on this matter, please refer to the profiles of schools and graduate schools, information about researchers, and details of research being conducted.

【2】Submit an application to make a donation
Please submit the Donor Application Form to the section handling donations at the school to which the researcher, etc. is affiliated.

Donor Application Form Word(24 KB)

Donor Application Form PDF(37 KB)

【3】Send a letter of thanks and a request to remit the donation
We will send a letter of thanks and a request to remit the donation.

【4】Remit the donation
Please use the enclosed remittance form to remit the donation.

【5】Send a receipt
After confirming that the money has been deposited, we will send the donor a letter of thanks and a Donation Receipt.
Donors should keep the Donation Receipt until they file their tax return, as they will need it in order to benefit from preferential measures under tax law.


[1]Please note that we are unable to accept donations to which specific conditions are attached as a quid pro quo, such as the following.

  1. Transferring property acquired using the donation to the donor free of charge.
  2. Assigning to the donor or permitting them to use any patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, copyright, or other equivalent rights acquired as a result of academic research funded by their donation.
  3. Permitting the donor to conduct an audit of the use of the donation.
  4. Enabling the donor to revoke all or part of the donation as they wish after applying to make a donation.
  5. Imposing a significant cost burden as a result of the acceptance of the donation.
  6. Any other conditions that the President deems to constitute an impediment to the running of this university.

[2] Please note that any inventions resulting from research funded by a donation will belong to this university or the faculty member who invented it, in principle.

[3] Donations are regarded as part of public research funds, so they will be subject to institutional management by this university, even if they have been donated directly to a specific researcher.


Accounting Division, Finance Department
Mail: zaksyunyu★jimu.kyushu-u.ac.jp
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