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For General Health Counseling

General Health Counseling

Medical Care and Health Counseling

Each campus has a "Counseling and Health Center" to offer medical checkups and counseling for illnesses or other issues. Doctors and nurses provides treatment and counseling, and in addition to emergency care, they can also offer counseling for almost any issue. Medical checkups, treatment, and counseling are provided at absolutely no cost, so please feel free to take advantage of it.

They can also offer individual counseling if you want to lose weight, increase physical strength, or better cope with stress, etc.

When returning to campus life after a long term hospital stay or leave of absence due to illness, regular medical checkups and testing are often required, and careful health management is necessary. When you return to campus, please take advantage of the Counseling and Health Center to get advice on how to manage your student life in the future, and receive regular health counseling and checkups.

Other Information

Health Monitoring

The Counseling and Health Center has equipment for measuring weight, body fat, blood pressure, and visual acuity, and this equipment can be used to manage health by frequent self-monitoring.

Health Publications

The waiting lobby and Health Information Room are furnished with publications on health-related topics which can be used as resources for self-study. You can read these publications in Counseling and Health Center, or you can borrow them to read at your leisure.

Resting Rooms and Resting Corners

Resting rooms and resting corners equipped with beds are available where you can take a short break when you are feeling unwell.

Health Classes

Mini health classes are held for small groups of people diagnosed with minor issues such as elevated blood pressure in a medical checkup, and they offer health guidance before the university festival. Relaxation classes are also offered, as well as a variety of classes to help you improve lifestyle habits such as nutrition, exercise, and rest.

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