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Medical Checkup

Regular Medical Checkup

Every April regular medical checkups for all students are conduct. If any problems are discovered, in addition to implementing retests (re-measurements) or detailed examinations, treatment or consultations by specialists will be recommended if necessary.

Notification of Regular Medical Checkup

Special Regular Medical Checkup

For those students or recombinant DNA researchers who--for experimentation and practical training--handle radioactive isotopes, radiation generators, X-ray generators (including electron microscopes over 100 kV accelerating voltage), nuclear fuel materials, nuclear source materials, etc., we are conducting examinations and medical histories in locations such as the Radiation Damage Prevention Blood Testing Room.

Related Information

Medical checkup certificates required for university scholarship applications or job applications will be based on records from the periodic medical checkup. Those who do not get this examination cannot be issued a certificate. The medical examination certificate can be obtained at the automatic certificate issuing machine or Health Science Center (any campus's Health Consultation Room) located on each campus.

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