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A Carbon Neutral Society – Action Month

Lecture, etc. Off Campus Registration closed

With the common goal of preserving the global environment and achieving a sustainable society, Kyushu University will launch a 5-week webinar series titled “A Carbon Neutral Society – Action Month” in collaboration with APRU (The Association of Pacific Rim Universities), which is an alliance of leading research universities of the Pacific Rim.

It will focus on the "realization of a decarbonized society" as a means of combating climate change and establishing a sustainable society by bringing together a diverse group of experts and researchers from a variety of research fields to facilitate the exchange of ideas, discussion of potential cross-disciplinary approaches, and collaborative development of solutions.

The 5-week webinar series will feature keynote lectures, panel discussions and Q&A sessions with renowned experts, as well as interactive online activities. Through online activities such as moderated breakout room discussions, poster sessions and networking via virtual meeting tools, participants can generate new collaborative ideas for the next phase of their research collaborations.

For more information about the webinar series, please refer to the details below.

<Date & Time>
Week 1: ”Kick-off: Introductory Lecture”, May 13 from 10am JST *Closed
Week 2: “Alternative Energies”, May 20 from 10am JST *Closed
Week 3: “Low Carbon Negative Emission”, May 27 from 10am JST
Week 4: “Circular Economy”, June 2 from 10am JST
Week 5: “Social Innovation”, June 10 from 10am JST
*Duration: Approximately 120 minutes

Target Current students and staff
Language English
*Participants in the activities must have a good command of English (especially speaking ability) to be able to actively participate, discuss and present in English.
Dates 2022.05.13 [Fri] 10:00 – 2022.06.09 [Thu] 13:00
Venue Off Campus
Venue name Online
Venue address
Seating capacity No
Participation fee Free of charge
Event details Program Outline:
1. Keynote Lectures
2. Q&A Sessions
3. Panel Discussions
4. Interactive Activities (Early career researchers (ECRs) are preferable participants)

Scheduled Activities:
<Week 1 & 4 - Online Networking>
・Online networking sessions, which will take place on Week 1 and Week 4 via virtual meeting tools.
<Week 2 & 3 - Poster Sessions> (Up to 15 presenters per week.)
・Poster sessions, which will take place on Week 2 and Week 3 using ZOOM breakout rooms.
*Call for poster presentations will target ECRs, allowing up to 15 presenters per week. If we receive more than 30 poster proposals, screening will be conducted based on the submitted abstracts.
<Week 5 - Wrap-up Discussion>
・A Webinar Series Wrap-up Discussion will take place on Week 5 using Zoom breakout rooms. Here we will summarize and reflect on the discussions and what we have learned and gained over the five weeks, as well as discuss the possibility of a long-term program for ECRs and other researchers that will continue to provide a platform for discussing potential cross-disciplinary approaches while expanding professional networks.

Participation Fee: Free
Registration method Advanced registration required
*Please register by June 9.
Registration period 2022.04.13 [Wed] – 2022.06.09 [Thu]

Name: Global Strategies, International Affairs Department
Mail: intlsenryaku★
Please replace ★ with @

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