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Global Young Academy Annual International Conference of Young Scientists 2022

Other Ito Campus Registration open

Conference Main Theme:
Harmonising Reason with Sensibility​
~Regenerating science for an inclusive and sustainable future~

Conference description: Although countries have started moving toward achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), more effort is needed to bring about truly transformative changes around the world. Scientific research is still at times fragmented and trust in science is fragile in many places. A new generation of researchers needs to regenerate science in order to tackle the global challenges we are facing.

At the 2022 International Conference, GYA members will convene to discuss ways to transcend disciplinary silos; to spark a global interdisciplinary dialogue to reform the science system and rethink the contribution of science to society. As an interdisciplinary science academy, the GYA fosters collaboration between the natural, physical and social sciences, as well as engineering, medicine, the arts and humanities, aiming to develop a more human-oriented perspective on science and scholarship.

Target General, Current students and staff
Dates 2022.06.12 [Sun] 13:30 – 2022.06.17 [Fri] 20:00
Venue Ito Campus
Venue name Shiiki Hall (Opening Ceremony) & Online)
Venue address
Seating capacity No
Participation fee Free of charge
Event details See "Programme" of the following webpage:

Registration method Advanced registration required
Registration period 2022.05.12 [Thu] – 2022.06.17 [Fri]

Name: Akihiro KISHIMURA
TEL: 092-802-2851
FAX: 092-802-2851
Mail: kishimura.akihiro.776★
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