Message from the President of Kyushu University following the Declaration of State of Emergency for Fukuoka Prefecture

Release date: 2020.04.07


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   The new coronavirus infection spreading worldwide has done a great damage in all corners of the earth. In Japan as elsewhere, the number of the infected has increased at the disconcerting speed, just as the number of casualties has. And our social and economic activities have already been thrown into disorder. Kyushu University has responded to this grave crisis via the newly created the Novel Coronavirus Crisis Response Headquarters.
   As a way to arrest the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Japanese Government declared state of emergency today (April 7) covering seven areas, including Fukuoka Prefecture.

   Following this event, we have decided to ask our faculty and staff to work from home until further notice. We are also aware, however, that some of you would have to come to the university to maintain its essential functions. Those of you who are in this category are exempt from the present policy, but we strongly urge you to protect yourselves by taking the most effective protective measures against the infections that your individual circumstances would allow, communicate online with all the parties involved, and see the work through in the spirit of cooperation.

   As was announced before, the Spring 2020 term is now re-scheduled to be held from May 7 to June 24, 2020. All classes during Spring 2020 will in principle be held online. We ask that the teaching staff will make all the preparations necessary to offering engaging online classes.

   For the time being, we have no plans to close the university campus. But at the same time, we would like to reduce the number of students coming to the campus to an absolute minimum. In line with this, we have changed the event calendar and the ways in which we offer various activities for the first few months of the academic year 2020. All extracurricular activities have also been suspended for the timing. Despite many setbacks that we all are forced to endure, I sincerely hope that you, the students, will make most of the online learning opportunities that the university makes available for you. Given that Fukuoka is now in state of emergency, I also urge you to act prudently to protect yourselves and your loved ones.
   We continue to post the latest information and announcements on the Kyushu University website as necessary, so please check our website regularly.

   Kyushu University counts medical care among its most important responsibilities, along with education and research. The Kyushu University Hospital functions as a core medical institution in West Japan and takes care of many severely ill patients. I thank from the bottom of my heart the number of medical practitioners there risking their lives everyday to serve the welfare of the community and to fight the novel coronavirus under the leadership of Dr. Akashi.

   I am absolutely certain we - students, staff and faculty of Kyushu University - can overcome this unprecedented crisis together. I thank you for your understanding, cooperation and unfailing support.


April 7, 2020
Chiharu Kubo
President of Kyushu University

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