Solidarity with Ukraine

Release date: 2022.05.12


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President's message


Kyushu University condemns the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops starting on February 24, 2022. Such an attempt to change the state of affairs in another country by means of military force is unacceptable both under international law and from a humanitarian standpoint. We call for an immediate ceasefire and hope for a resolution through peaceful means.


During this difficult time, we will continue to support our students, staff, and researchers affected by this turn of events, and do all we can to prevent disruptions to their academic life.


March 3, 2022

Tatsuro Ishibashi

  • Kyushu U’s relief program for Ukrainian students and researchers

    Kyushu University has launched a special relief program in collaboration with the local governments for students, new graduates, and researchers who have been displaced and/or lost their ability to continue their studies and/or research due to the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

    Please find out more about the program by visiting the following page:

  • Support fund for Ukrainian students and researchers

    We have created a special fund to set our relief program in motion.

    You may help us continue with the work we do by making donations.
    Please visit the following page for more information as to how you can contribute.