KU VISION PITCH 2022: Finalists announcement

Release date: 2022.09.14



We are pleased to announce the finalists for a research pitch contest (KU VISION PITCH 2022) for Kyushu U students and young researchers, which will be held on October 1 at ACROS Fukuoka as part of the "VISION EXPO" event commemorating the 111th anniversary of the University's founding. Register at the events page if you want to watch the action live.

 Results of Preliminary Round 

The preliminary round (document screening) took place from August 5 to 18, divided into two sections: division A (doctoral and postdoctoral fellow program division) and division B (undergraduate and master's program division). As a result, six finalists were selected in division A and five in division B.

 About the finalists’ research

 ・Division A (doctoral and postdoctoral fellow program division)

 ・Division B (undergraduate and master's program division)

*We have obtained permission from the contestants to disclose this information.


KU VISION PITCH 2022 Secretariat (Research Planning Division, Department of Research and Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration, Kyushu University)

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