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Education Charter

Kyushu University Education Charter

Article 1 (The Purpose of This Charter)

 Kyushu University proclaims this Charter of Education in order to contribute to achieving the goals of higher education and meeting the expectations of all people, both in Japan and abroad.

Article 2 (The Purpose of Education at Kyushu University)

 Through the education of individuals capable of leadership in a diverse range of fields in Japan and willing to assume an active role in the world, especially in Asia, Kyushu University aims at contributing to progress throughout the world.

Article 3 (The Principle of Humanity)

 In pursuit of the above purpose, Kyushu University shall endeavour to cultivate human character of the highest quality based upon the following principles:

  1. Respect for human life and human dignity;
  2. The development of personality, natural abilities, and the mental and physical capabilities of individuals;
  3. Pursuit of truth and justice and the promotion of a culture that encourages creativity and originality;
  4. Conservation of the natural environment for the next generation.

Article 4 (The Principle of Social Responsibility)

 In pursuit of the above purpose, Kyushu University shall foster an appreciation of social values based upon the following principles:

  1. Encouraging individuals to play an active role in a free society, to respect labour, and to lead a socially responsible life;
  2. Ensuring observance of human rights;
  3. Promotion of gender equality;
  4. Cultivation of civic virtues based upon a comprehensive understanding of the political condition of society.

Article 5 (The Principle of Global Citizenship)

 In pursuit of the above purpose, Kyushu University shall encourage a sense of global citizenship based upon the following principles:

  1. Contribution to the cultural, social, and economic advancement of people in the world especially in Asia;
  2. Promotion of mutual understanding among and friendship between various peoples, nations, and religions;
  3. Partaking in the maintenance of world peace and ensuring that future generations be free from the scourge of war;
  4. Adhering to the principles stated in the Charter of the United Nations.

Article 6 (The Principle of the Advancement of Knowledge)

 In pursuit of the above purpose, Kyushu University shall instill in students specialized knowledge of the highest quality based upon the following principles:

  1. Advancement of knowledge in accordance with the principles of humanity, social responsibility, and global citizenship, while paying regard to practical value of that knowledge;
  2. The development of scientific knowledge and technology in harmony with the progress of the arts and humanities;
  3. Valuing creativity and originality of scholarship;
  4. Ensuring compliance with professional ethics;
  5. Respect for the academic freedom and independence of the people involved in the advancement of knowledge.

Article 7 (The Principle of Unity)

  1. Kyushu University shall adopt a united approach in pursuit of the above purpose and principles. In performing their respective functions, all staff members and students shall keep the present Charter in mind.
  2. In ensuring the fulfillment of the above obligation, the status of faculty members and the self-government of faculties shall be respected.