University Overview


Organization Chart


The Board of Trustees Auditors (2)
President - Executive Vice Presidents(8) Senior Vice Presidents(7), Vice President(5)


Graduate Schools Graduate School of Humanities  
Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society  

Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies

Center for Clinical Psychology and Human Development

Graduate School of Law
Law School (Professional Graduate School)

Graduate School of Economics  
Graduate School of Sciences  
Graduate School of Mathematics  
Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences  
Graduate School of Medical Sciences  
Graduate School of Dental Science  
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Experimental Station for Medicinal Plant Studies
Graduate School of Engineering Kyushu University Education and Research Center of Manufacturing
Graduate School of Design  
Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

Electric Energy System Education Research Center

Research Center for Advanced Information and Communication Technology Education

Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences  
Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences Fishery Research Laboratory
Graduate School of Integrated Frontier Sciences  
Faculties Faculty of Humanities  
Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies  
Faculty of Human-Environment Studies  
Faculty of Law  
Faculty of Economics  
Faculty of Languages and Cultures  
Faculty of Sciences Institute of Seismology and Volcanology
Faculty of Mathematics  
Faculty of Medical Sciences

Research Institute for Diseases of the Chest
Research Institute of Angiocardiology
Neurological Institute
Center of Biomedical Research(Japanese Only)

Research Center for Human Disease Modeling

Faculty of Dental Science


Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciense  
Faculty of Engineering

Research Institute of Environment for Sustainability

Disaster Risk Reduction Research Center

Faculty of Design Research Center for Applied Perceptual Science
Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering  
Faculty of Engineering Sciences  
Faculty of Agriculture

Institute of Biological Control
Institute of Genetic Resources

Attached Promotive Center for International Education and Research of Agriculture

Faculty of Arts and Science
Institute for Advanced Studies
School of Letters  
School of Education  
School of Law  
School of Economics  
School of Sciences Amakusa Marine Biological Laboratory
School of Medicine University Hospital
School of Dentistry
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
School of Engineering  
School of Design  
School of Agriculture University Farm
University Forests
Research Institutes Medical Institute of Bioregulation

Research Center for Transomics Medicine

Multi-scale Research Center for Medical Science

Research Center for Infection Network

Research Institute for Applied Mechanics

Center for East Asian Ocean-Atmosphere Research
Advanced Fusion Research Center

Renewable Energy Center

Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering  
Institute of Mathematics for Industry  
International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (I2CNER)  
University Library
Central Library  
Medical Library  
Design Library  
Chikushi Library  
Ito Library  
Manuscript Library  
Innovation Center for Educational Resources  
University Hospital
Research Institute for Information Technology
Institutes for
the Joint Use
of Kyushu University
Biotron Application Center
Institute of Tropical Agriculture
Radioisotope Center
Center of Advanced Instrumental Analysis
The International Student Center
The Kyushu University Museum
System LSI Research Center
Space Environment Research Center (SERC)
Research Center for Korean Studies
Research Center for Education in Health Care System
Research Institute of Superconductor Science and Systems (RISS)
Integrated Kansei Design Center
Global Innovation Center (GIC)
Research Laboratory for High Voltage Electron Microscopy
Center of Environment and safety
Natural Disaster Information Center of Western Japan
Kyushu University Archives
Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center (QREC)
Admission Center
International Research Center for Hydrogen Energy
Center for Future Chemistry
Bio-Architecture Center
Research Center for Steel
Low Temperature Center(Japanese Only)
Center for Accelerator and Beam Applied Science

INAMORI Frontier Research Center

Research and Education Center of Carbon Resources
Research Center for Synchrotron Light Applications
Incubation Center for Advanced Medical Science(ICAMS)
Research Center for Plasma Turbulence
Material Management Center
International Reseach Center for Molecular Systems
Center for Egypt-Japan Coordination in Science and Technology(E-JUST Center)
Center of Plasma Nano-interface Engineering
Center for Advanced Medical Innovation (CAMI)
EU Centre (EUIJ-Kyushu)
Research Center for Advanced Immunology
Research Center for Environmentand Developmental Medical Sciences
Research Center for Cancer Stem Cell
Risk Science Research Center
Research Center for Nucleotide Pool
Epigenom Network Research Center
Center for Asian Conservation Ecology
Human Proteome Research Center (HPRC)
Center for Advanced Research in Drug Creation (CARDC)
Yunus& Shiiki Social Business Center (SBRC)
Research Center for Advanced Biomechanics
Next-Generation Fuel Cell Research Center
Synthetic Systems Biology Research Center
Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research
Center for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Studies
Center for Intellectual Property and Private International Law
Research Center for Advanced Particle Physics
Functional Food Design Research Center
Green Asia Education Center
Education Center for Global Leaders in Molecular Systems for Devices
Advanced Research Center for Electric Energy Storage
Innovative Market Design Research Center
Research Center for Organelle Homeostasis
Research Center for Hydrogen Industrial Use and Storage
Advanced Transdermal Drug Delivery System Center
Advanced Asian Archaeological Research Center
Research and Education Center for Advanced Energy Materials, Devices, and Systems
Counseling and Health Center
Research Center for Architecture-Oriented Formal Methods
Research and Development Center for Taste and Odor Sensing
Institute of Decision Science for a Sustainable Society
3D/4D Structural Materials Research Center
Center for Asia-Pacific Future Studies(CAFS)
Center for Cardiovascular Disruptive Innovation
Center for Integrated Atmospheric Environment Research (CIAR)
Research Center for Quantum Nano-Spin Sciences
Organizations Organization for Higher Education
University Research Administration Office
Office for the Planning and Coordination of International Affairs
Information Infrastructure Initiative Information Infrastructure Initiative
Relocation Coordination Exective
Planning Offices, etc. Office for the Coordination of University Education Development
Office for Strategic Research Planning
Office for the Promotion of University-Community Relations
Intellectual Property Management Center
Office for the Planning and Coordination of International Affairs (OPCIA)
Office for Promoting International Education(OPIE)
Office for Information of University Evaluation(Japanese Only)
New Campus Planning Office
Office for the Promotion Safety and Health
Office for the Promotion of Gender Equality
Information Infrastructure Administration Office
Office for Centennial Anniversary Project(Japanese Only)
Office for Promotion of an Integrated Transfer
International Legal Office

Office for Kyushu University Fund

Administration Bureau Research Planning Department

Research Planning Division

Promotion of an Integrated Transfer Division

General Affairs Department General Affairs Division
Office of University-Community Relations
Centennial Anniversary Project Liason Division
Personnel Affairs Division
Office for Legal Affairs
Office for Personnel and Salaries
Office for the Work Environment
Scientific Research Promotion Department

Scientific Research Promotion Division
University-Industry Collaboration Division
Support Office for the Specified Big Research Projects

International Affairs Department International Affairs Division
International Student Exchange Division
International Student and Researcher Support Center
Finance Department Finance and Planning Division
Accounting Division
Procurement Division
Property Management Division
Account Settlement Division
Student Affairs Department Student Affairs Planning Division
General Education Support
Student Support Division
Admission Division
Division of Career Support
Facilities Department Construction Planning Division
Facilities Planning Division
Construction and Maintenance Division
Environmental Maintenance Division
Office for Facilities Management
Information System Department Information Technology Planning Division
Information Technology Infrastructure Division
Administrative Department for Ito Campus General Affairs Division
Facilities Management Office
Office for Auditing  
International Offices Tokyo Office
Osaka Office
Hakata Office
London Office
California Office
Munich Office
Seoul Office
Beijing Office
Washington D.C. Office
Cairo Office
Hanoi Office
Bangkok Office
Taipei Office

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