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Mental / Psychological Health Consultation

The counselors, psychiatrists, and psychosomatic doctors at our Counseling and Health Center provides counseling for "psychological problems", "interpersonal problems", and "physical problems" faced by students. The support offered by counselors does not force anything on students, but rather helps you tackle and solve problems by exerting your own strengths in a healthy manner.


Counselors aid students to make better choices in their lives and find ways of problem-solving through conversation. They sometimes use techniques such as relaxation to ease students' anxiety.


Psychiatrists administer treatments for relieving symptoms such as anxiety, based on medical knowledge. Conditions such as "persistant insomnia", "loss of appetite", "decline of motivation" suggest that the most important thing is for the brain to get rest and the circadian rhythm to be adjusted. Psychiatrists provide support by using sleeping pills, anti-depressants, and tranquilizers.

Psychosomatic Doctor

Psychosomatic doctors, similar to psychiatrists, offer treatment based on medical knowledge, but mainly to improve bodily discomfort and physical symptoms caused by stress.

To Consult Someone

You can drop in on the health consultation room at any campus, or make a phone call to arrange an appointment.

Location of Consultation Room / Open Hours / Contacts
Hakozaki Campus
Counseling and Health Center,
Hakozaki Campus Annex
Hospital Campus
Counseling and Health Center,
Hospital Campus Annex
Ohashi Campu
Counseling and Health Center,
Ohashi Campus Annex
Chikushi Campus
Counseling and Health Center,
Chikushi Campus Annex
Ito Campus
Counseling and Health Center,
Ito Campus West Zone Annex
9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Ito Campus
Counseling and Health Center,
Ito Campus Center Zone Annex
9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Consultation Examples

Consultation about psychological problems Consultation about interpersonal problems

  • I feel somewhat depressed.
  • I am troubled by strong anxiety and nervousness.
  • Everyday I feel empty.
  • I feel that my attention span and memory have suddenly gotten worse.
  • I can't make decisions.
  • I'm insecure, and worry about my inferiority.
  • I don't understand my own emotions.
  • I don't want to go to school.
  • I feel lethargic.
  • I am in agony because I can't speak in front of other people.
  • Public speaking is excruciating because I turn red.
  • I have a stuttering problem.
  • I am conscious that other people are watching me.
  • I feel left out by everyone.
  • A complicated relationship is causing me trouble.
  • My love life is causing me problems.

Consultations about physical problems Other consultations

  • The doctor says there's nothing wrong, but I don't feel well (Constant headaches, abnormalities of the digestive system).
  • I can't sleep. I am always sleepy.
  • I'm never hungry. I can't control my appetite.
  • I want to receive a psychological test to find out about my personality, what I am suited for, and my abilities.
  • I am worried about my friend or family.
  • I am troubled by my gender and/or sexuality.

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