Recent studies at the Faculty of Design in 2020

Design Futures// Speculative Design, Solution Design and Societal Design

Design Future Course, Faculty of Design
Associate Professor Yoshito Ogata

November 2020

Exploring, Calculating, and Drawing the Structure of Form and Movement

Department of Content and Creative Design, Faculty of Design
Professor Reiji Tsuruno

September 2020

The design of biological clocks

Department of Human Science, Faculty of Design
Education and Research Center for Mathematical and Data Science
Associate Professor Hiroshi Ito

July 2020

How do individuals evaluate and judge their environment? Examining end-user evaluation and decision-making methods for environmental design

Department of Environmental Design, Faculty of Design
Professor Naoyuki Oi

May 2020

Automotive sound design

Department of Communication Design Science, Faculty of Design
Associate Professor Yamauchi Katsuya

March 2020

Helping mothers worried about child rearing: Development of the electric swinging crib ‘Suima’ for childcare support

Department of Design Strategy, Faculty of Design
Physiological Anthropology Research Center (Resilience Design Group)
Associate Professor Fuji Tomoaki

January 2020