Wind Lens Power Generation System Completed on Ito Campus

Release date: 2011.05.13




The Wind Lens Power Generation System and its related facility, which were adopted for the 2009 supplementary budget of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as advanced research facilities (Demonstration Facility for Future Energies) projects, were completed at the end of March, 2011. They had been under construction at Ito Campus since March 2010.

For this project, a wind lens power generation system, developed at Kyushu University by the Ohya Group of the Research Institute for Applied Mechanics to supply sustainable natural energy, was installed on Ito Campus. This project serves as a step toward realizing a low-carbon society and a stable energy supply. Experiments will be conducted to verify advances aimed at utilizing natural energy and expanding the wind lens power generation system.


◯ Number of Units and Locations
70kW Unit × 2  Installed in the northwest part of campus
5kW Unit × 10  Installed at the Multipurpose Sports Field and other areas
Measurement Facility (Demonstration Facility for Future Energies)

    Two-floor steel-frame building  Total Area of 864㎡
   (Where technology developed by the university is verified and information is  

     Located at West Zone (west area)


◯ Estimated Annual Power Output: Approx. 120,000 kWh


◯ Entry to the Facility Area

As the Wind Lens Power Generation System is an experimental facility, entry to this area is generally prohibited.


(Facilities Department)

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