“Masato Suzuki × The History of Cinema” at the SHIIKI HALL

Release date: 2015.06.24




 On Wednesday, June 10, 2015, a lecture entitled “Masato Suzuki × The History of Cinema” was held at the SHIIKI HALL, at the Ito Campus.

 The aim of this event was to consider the transformation of the “movie experience” through history via music, in collaboration with special guest Masato Suzuki, a conductor, performer, and composer who is active on both the Japanese and international stage.
 The numerous participants from both within the university and the wider community were captivated by this experimental partnership between music and film led by Mr. Suzuki.


(Top) Mr. Suzuki playing the piano at the event
(Middle) President Kobo (left) and Mr. Suzuki
(Bottom) At the lecture session

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