International Legal Office Established

Release date: 2011.05.13




With progressing globalization of education and research activities, the number of international students accepted by Kyushu University has been rapidly increasing. At the same time, international academic staff and researcher recruitment as well as globalized inter-university and industry-academia partnerships have flourished and diversified. To provide assistance with the international contracts and negotiations that accompany these initiatives, and to strengthen compliance, Kyushu University established the Kyushu University International Legal Office (QILO) on April 1, 2001.

At the International Legal Office, teaching personnel and staff with abundant practical experience in international law at corporations and other organizations will be engaged in the following tasks:

‧ Assistance in concluding contracts and agreements with overseas government organizations, corporations and universities
‧ Assistance in concluding employment contracts with international academic staff and researchers
‧ Advice on foreign laws
‧ Study (through surveys and research) as to how international legal affairs should be conducted at the universities


(From right)    Setsuo Arikawa, President, Akiyoshi Motoki, Executive Vice President and Director-General (Director of the International Legal Office) and Masaharu Okada, Professor (Vice Director of the International Legal Office), on the first floor of the former main building of the Faculty of Engineering


Contact person:
Masaharu Okada, Professor, Vice Director of the International Legal Office (Attorney at Law (NY), MBA from the University of Washington)
Phone: +81-92-642-2791