Astronaut Koichi Wakata Visits the Ito Campus

Release date: 2010.01.25




 On November 24, 2009, Koichi Wakata, an astronaut and graduate of Kyushu University, visited the Ito Campus.

First, Mr. Wakata had a talk with Yukitaka Murakami, Trustee and Vice President, and reported on the mission he completed during his long-term stay aboard the International Space Station (ISS). At the end of the talk, the university awarded Mr. Wakata the title of Visiting Professor.

After that, he moved on to a classroom where students were waiting. A returning ceremony was held for the polo shirt adorned with the logo of Kyushu University and other items he took along with him on the last flight, followed by his homecoming lecture.

Mr. Wakata explained the way he constructed “Kibo” (the Japanese experiment module) using a robot arm, and described the variety of experiments (including one on materials) he conducted. He also talked about his on-board life and how he ate and slept, and showed beautiful and moving images of the earth taken from space. After his lecture, students asked a number of questions.

At the end, some Imokyu imojochu, one of Kyushu University’s branded goods, was given to Mr. Wakata in appreciation and respect for his lecture and his achievements. The session finished as a great success.



Caption: Presentation board presented by Mr. Wakata