Mr. Muhammad Yunus Visits the Ito Campus

Release date: 2010.01.25




   On September 28, 2009, we invited Mr. Muhammad Yunus, a 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate from Bangladesh and Managing Director of Grameen Bank, to the Ito Campus, where he held a seminar with students. This event was held to provide an opportunity for students to gain deeper knowledge and increase their interests by directly listening to one of the most prominent economists of the world. A student group called QITY planned and managed the event, and approximately 130 students participated. In the panel discussion of the first session, Mr. Yunus and six panelists discussed the two themes of “Initiative by Grameen Bank, Social Business and World Economy ” and “Mr. Yunus’ Philosophy, Sense of Value and View of Life.” In the Q&A based second session, many questions came from the audience. Mr. Yunus answered each question in detail. At the end of the session, Mr. Yunus said, “Human beings have limitless possibilities. Don’t think you are powerless. Consider your role in the world and take action”.



 Caption: Mr. Yunus (center) and members of QITY