Notification Regarding the New Influenza (1st Issue)

Release date: 2009.09.24



September 2, 2009

To: Students, faculty and staff of Kyushu University, and all related parties


Katsumi Imaizumi
WG Manager, Kyushu University Pandemic Influenza Crisis Management Headquarters

Notification Regarding the New Influenza (1st Issue)

Revised Countermeasures against the New Influenza

  Fukuoka Prefecture and Fukuoka City have laid out a new framework to deal with the outbreak of the new H1N1 strain of influenza, following the revision of the guidelines of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry. Accordingly, Kyushu University has abolished its former strategy and information will be hereafter released based on the new guidelines.
  Since the number of infected people has been rapidly increasing across Japan, it is virtually impossible to completely block the spread of infection within the campus. Therefore, Kyushu University will not institute class cancellations under the current situation unless requested to do so by the Fukuoka Prefectural Government or Fukuoka Municipal Government.
 We remind you once again to wear a mask and to take other precautions against infection, regardless of whether or not you are at risk of developing severe symptoms.
 It is possible that the central governments of Fukuoka Prefecture or Fukuoka City will make additional changes over the autumn and winter flu season. Please make sure to check their websites for the latest information and countermeasures.


[Summary of the health ministry’s revised guidelines]
・Prevent the most severe outcomes among those who have underlying illnesses, pregnant women, infants, and elderly people.
・Boost the awareness of all residents of the primary importance of proper precautions against infection.


1. Preventative Measures Against Infection
  Please protect yourself from infection by frequently gargling and washing your hands, avoiding crowds and wearing a mask when going outside. If you notice any flu-like symptoms, such as chills, shivering, fever or cough, please follow the instructions described below (2. Measures to Take When You Notice Symptoms of Influenza).
  When you feel unwell, please keep records of your body temperature and health condition for seven days by filling out the Health Check Sheet.

Health Check Sheet (Microsoft Word)
How to Recuperate at Home (PDF)


2. Measures to Take When You Notice Symptoms of Influenza
  Since it is extremely difficult to distinguish the new influenza from seasonal influenza through examinations at medical institutions at present, we will take the following countermeasures for the time being.


(1) Examinations at Medical Institutions
  If you present any symptom of influenza, such as fever or cough, immediately consult a medical institution in your area after inquiring by telephone when and how to receive an examination. If you are not sure which hospital you should go to, please contact the New Influenza Telephone Consultation Desk at a nearby public health center or other administrative agency, and then visit the designated hospital. To avoid the risk of transmitting infection, please wear a mask while at the hospital.

New Influenza Telephone Consultation Services Provided by Local Governments (PDF)


(2) How to Report
  If you present any symptoms of influenza, report your status to the faculty to which you belong. If diagnosed with influenza, you are required to remain at home.

What to Report (PDF)
Suspect that You Have Influenza? (PDF)


(3) Sick-Leave Policy
  When a student or faculty member gets sick leave after receiving an examination at a medical institution, the student is treated as having attended and the faculty member is paid for the leave. It is required that the infected person remain at home until 48 hours have passed after the fever is gone.
  Faculty members are allowed to come to the workplace if permitted by their medical doctors. In such cases, please take precautions such as avoiding crowds, wearing a mask, gargling and washing hands frequently.


(4) If Infection Occurs within Your Home or Club
  Since follow-up investigations on infected persons are no longer conducted by health authorities, it has become difficult to confirm which individuals may have been closely exposed to infected people. Thus, those who have had close contact with an infected person at home or during club activities are not obligated to remain at home. Yet, whenever possible, it is still recommended to stay home for seven days after the infection has been confirmed. If you cannot avoid going out, then wear a mask and take other precautions to avoid the risk of transmitting the infection to others.


3. To Avoid Aggravation of Symptoms
  The following people have an increased risk of developing severe symptoms when infected with the new influenza. Please consult your doctor in advance for advice, while taking adequate precautions such as washing hands, gargling and avoiding crowds. If you feel unwell, you should receive an examination at a medical institution as soon as possible and seek the necessary treatment.
・It is also important for those around you to take the utmost care not to transmit the infection.

・Those suffering from chronic respiratory disease
・Those suffering from chronic cardiac disease
・Those suffering from a metabolic disorder such as diabetes
・Those who have a renal dysfunction
・Those who have an immune dysfunction due to steroid intake or other reasons
・Pregnant women
・Elderly people


● Contact Info for Inquiries within the Campus (9:00~17:00)
・Regarding classes, field work, laboratory work and other academic activities
 Educational Affairs Department, Education Planning Section / 092-642-2248
・Regarding extracurricular activities and campus life
 Educational Affairs Department, Student Affairs Section / 092-642-2255
・Regarding overseas education & inquiries about/from foreign students
  International Department, Student Exchange Section / 092-642-2141, 2139
・Inquiries about/from faculty and staff members
  Administration Department, Work Environment Section / 092-642-2123


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