Academic Year 2015, Kyushu University Entrance Ceremony

Release date: 2015.04.16




   On April 7, 2015 (Tuesday), the entrance ceremony was held at SHIIKI HALL for 2,687 freshly enrolled students. Following the celebration concert by Kyudai Philharmonic Orchestra, President Kubo delivered a welcoming address and Mr. Keiichiro Kitahara gave a speech as a representative of the new students.

 Students listened attentively to the speech by the guest speaker, the Australian Ambassador to Japan, His Excellency Mr Bruce Miller, which focused on the importance and need for foreign exchange programs, particularly given the focus on Global Jinzai in Japan.
It drew extensively on the Ambassador’s own experiences as an exchange student in Japan. This was followed by a lecture from Shun-ichi Maruno, Executive Vice President of Kyushu University. After the ceremony, the university's cheerleading club and the Kyushu University mixed chorus group gave rousing performances to welcome the new students to Kyushu University.

  New students will be attending Freshman Orientation during the week and start their academic journey from Monday, April 13.



(Top)At the ceremony

(Middle)Guest Speaker's Address by His Excellency Mr Bruce Miller

(Bottom)Mr. Kitahara, The student speaker

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