2009 Entrance Ceremony Held

Release date: 2009.09.24



The entrance ceremony for the 2009 academic year was held on Tuesday, April 7, 2009, for 2,686 newly enrolled students.
  President Arikawa delivered a welcoming address, saying, “I hope you will never be complacent about the current situation and always aim high so that you will play leading roles in various parts of society. Please allow your significant potentials to blossom in this university.”
  Si-Chen Lee, President of National University of Taiwan who attended the ceremony as a guest, also offered a congratulatory speech, saying, “You are sure to have a brilliant future ahead of you if you make a constant effort to keep four things in mind: acquire a wide knowledge of basic science to help you deal with the rapidly-changing modern society; cultivate your personality to develop your ability to create innovative ideas; have an interest in the dangers society is facing; and try to understand with a sophisticated international perspective what is happening in the cultures, politics and economies of emerging countries. ”


Photo: Freshmen holding bags with a Kyushu University logo