Regarding the Newly Confirmed Case of the New Influenza

Release date: 2009.09.18



August 28, 2009


To: Students, faculty and staff of Kyushu University, and all related parties


Katsumi Imaizumi
WG Manager, Kyushu University Pandemic Influenza Crisis Management Headquarters

Regarding the Newly Confirmed Case of the New Influenza

  One faculty member working at the Hakozaki Campus and another working at the Hospital Campus were confirmed to be infected with the new H1N1 strain of influenza. The cases were confirmed during examinations at medical institutions on August 27 and 28, respectively. They are currently recuperating at home.
  As reported by the news media, the start of the new school term is expected to accelerate the spread of infection. We once again urge you take adequate precautions as described below to prevent the spread of infection.


1.  Preventative Measures
  Please protect yourself from infection by frequently gargling and washing hands, avoiding crowds and wearing a mask when going outside. If you notice any flu-like symptoms, such as chills, shivering, fever or cough, consult a medical institution in your area after inquiring by telephone when and how to receive an examination, and then report the result by telephone to the faculty to which you belong .
  For seven days after you make the report, keep records of your body temperature and health condition by filling out the Health Check Sheet.

Health Check Sheet (Microsoft Word)


2.  To Avoid Developing Severe Symptoms
  The following list describes those who are considered to be vulnerable to aggravated symptoms if infected. Please make sure to take precautions, including frequent gargling, washing of hands, and avoidance of crowds. It is also important for those around you to take the utmost care not to transmit infection.

・Those suffering from chronic respiratory disease
・Those suffering from chronic cardiac disease
・Those suffering from a metabolic disorder such as diabetes
・Those who have a renal dysfunction
・Those who have an immune dysfunction due to steroid intake or other reasons
・Pregnant women
・Elderly people


● Contact Info for Inquiries within the Campus (9:00~17:00)
・Regarding classes, field work, laboratory work and other academic activities
 Educational Affairs Department, Education Planning Section / 092-642-2248
・Regarding extracurricular activities and campus life
 Educational Affairs Department, Student Affairs Section / 092-642-2255
・Regarding overseas education & inquiries about/from foreign students
 International Department, Student Exchange Section / 092-642-2141, 2139
・Inquiries about/from faculty and staff members
 Administration Department, Work Environment Section / 092-642-2123


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