Announcement Regarding Response to the Government’s Revised Guidelines

Release date: 2009.07.30



To: All Students, Faculty and Staff Members of Kyushu University


July 23, 2009


Katsumi Imaizumi
WG Manager, Kyushu University Pandemic Influenza Crisis Management Headquarters

Announcement Regarding Response to the Government’s Revised Guidelines
for the New H1N1 Strain of Influenza

  The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry has revised its guidelines for the new influenza in light of the number of newly confirmed patients at home and abroad, as well as due to the overall situation. The newly announced guidelines stipulate a focus on “preventing massive and rapid spread of the new influenza, with a view towards reducing its impact on social activities and medical care systems.” The guidelines also state that the Ministry will “prioritize the provision of proper treatment to patients with severe symptoms by minimizing the burden on medical institutions.”
  In accordance with these new guidelines, Kyushu University’s measures in response to the new influenza will be modified as below under the new framework of the Fukuoka Municipal Government starting on Thursday, July 23.
  The Fukuoka Prefectural Government is scheduled to make a similar revision soon.


Major Modifications:
1. Fever clinics have been closed. Treatment will be provided hereafter at ordinary medical institutions.
2. Fever Consultation Centers have been closed. New Influenza Telephone Consultation Desks will be set up instead.


1. Measures to Take When You Notice Symptoms of Influenza
  If students, faculty, or staff members display any symptoms of influenza such as fever and cough, immediately consult a medical institution in your community after inquiring by telephone when and how to receive an examination. Those who are not sure which hospital they should go to should inquire at the New Influenza Telephone Consultation Desk in a nearby public health center or other administrative agency, and then visit the designated hospital.
  To avoid spreading infection, please wear a mask while at the hospital.
  If students, faculty, staff members or their family are suspected of being positive for the new influenza virus after medical examination, they are required to report this result to the faculty to which they belong.


2. General Preventative Measures
  We remind you to take preventative measures, which include avoiding crowds, wearing a mask when you go outside, and frequently gargling and washing hands.
  If you notice any flu-like symptoms, such as chills, shivering, fever or cough, please follow the instructions indicated above (1. Measures to Take When You Notice Symptoms of Influenza).
  If you notice any changes in your physical condition, please keep records of your body temperature and health condition for seven days by filling out the Health Check Sheet. 


Health Check Sheet (Microsoft Word)


3. Telephone Consultation Desk


(1) Fukuoka City New Influenza Telephone Consultation Desk

Open Hours




9:00 - 17:00

(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays

and national holidays)

Higashi Public Health Center



Hakata Public Health Center



Chuo Public Health Center



Minami Public Health Center



Jonan Public Health Center



Sawara Public Health Center



Nishi Public Health Center




(2) Fukuoka Prefecture

Open Hours



24 hours

(Open everyday, including Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)

Health Service Division



(3) Beppu City

Open Hours



24 hours

 (Open everyday, including Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)

Oita East Public Health Center

(Fever Consultation Center)



● Contact Info for Inquiries within the Campus (9:00~17:00)
 •Regarding classes, field work, laboratory work and other academic activities
     Educational Affairs Department, Education Planning Section / 092-642-2248
 •Regarding extracurricular activities and campus life
     Educational Affairs Department, Student Affairs Section / 092-642-2255
 •Regarding overseas education & inquiries about/from foreign students
     International Department, Student Exchange Section / 092-642-2141, 2139
 •Inquiries about/from faculty and staff members
     Administration Department, Work Environment Section / 092-642-2123
 •For other inquiries, please contact the departments, sections or offices in charge


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