Preparedness and Response to Swine Influenza (Important)

Release date: 2009.05.14



Preparedness and Response to Swine Influenza (Important)


 In response to many cases of human swine influenza confirmed in Mexico and the United States, on April 25 the World Health Organization (WHO) warned countries around the world to be on high alert for suspected cases of swine influenza.
 The Kyushu University Headquarters for Pandemic Influenza Countermeasures calls for all students, faculty and staff to observe the following warnings and cautions. You are advised to be fully aware of the swine influenza threat and to take appropriate precautions.

1. All students, faculty and staff should cancel or postpone traveling to countries where swine influenza outbreaks have been reported or suspected. 

2. Even if you do not travel abroad, but stay in Fukuoka, you should take precautions to protect yourself against swine influenza, since many tourists visit Fukuoka from various countries around the world.
 You should keep up to date with the latest information, and once again read the “Pandemic Influenza Prevention Manual,” which has already been distributed to you, in order to take appropriate precautions and actions based on calm and sound judgment.
 When going out, wear a mask and avoid unnecessary travel to crowded places. Upon returning home, wash your hands and gargle thoroughly. [Reference]

If a swine influenza outbreak occurs and human-to-human transmission is confirmed in Japan, Kyushu University will promptly take appropriate measures, including class cancellations.
 All necessary information will be posted on the Kyushu University website; be sure to check University’s website to keep up with the latest information. If you have concerns or questions regarding your health in relation to pandemic influenza, please refer to the Institute of Health Science website or contact

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