East Asian Environmental Issues Project Kicks Off

Release date: 2007.11.17




 Economic development in China and South Korea has been bringing significant benefits to East Asia, including Japan, but such development has simultaneously caused rapid regional environmental deterioration. In light of this, Kyushu University has decided to tackle “East Asian environmental issues” as part of the university’s commemoration project for their 2011 centenary. Kyushu University has launched an international project partnering industry and academic experts, including some of the university’s top researchers; this project is composed of teams dedicated to various environmental issues.


 On November 14, 2007, the East Asian Environmental Issues Project team met for the first time, assembling seven teams to work on the issues of urban environment, air pollution, environmental chemistry, living space systems, marine and river pollution, desertification and water issues, and social systems. Researchers from Tongji University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China are also working with Kyushu University on this project, Everyone gathered at the kick-off meeting to share the multifaceted approaches that are either currently underway or planned in the future for environmental improvements.
  Such future efforts include joint research for progress in areas where cooperation can be expected, identifying research areas of mutual interest between Japan and China, as well as between Japan and South Korea. All these efforts call for the support of businesses and public institutions.

【Address from President Kajiyama】
 Clean water is more important than oil for human life. The environmental issues in East Asia have reached a critical stage, making it essential for Japan, China, and South Korea to all work together to solve the issues. By assembling the expertise of many of our accomplished researchers in the environmental field, we hope to contribute to improving the "Asian environment" and informing the rest of the world about our contributions.



Presentation by a researcher
Professor Kong describes Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s efforts

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