GLOBAL COE International Symposium is Held

Release date: 2007.10.10



      On October 8, 2007, The "1st International Symposium for Future Molecular Systems” was held at KyushuUniversity’s NishijinPlaza as the kick-off for the “Science for Future Molecular Systems”, a base for the Kyushu University Global COE program.


 Following an introduction of this symposium by Professor Nobuo Kimizuka, Global COE program leader and faculty member of the Faculty of Engineering at Kyushu University, Professor Kwan Soo Kim (Yonsei University, South Korea) and Professor Dolores Bozovic (CNSI, University of California, Los Angeles, US) were invited to deliver lectures, respectively, on glycosylation and the auditory receptor system.

 On behalf of Professor Philip Gale (Southampton University, UK) who could not be present due to illness, Professor Tsutomu Katsuki of the Faculty of Science lectured on asymmetric oxidation reaction updates, followed by research presentations from eight COE members. There were active discussions among the 142 participants from within and beyond KyushuUniversity.


 In closing, Professor Seiji Shinkai, the former 21st century COE program leader and member of Faculty of Engineering, commented about the future direction of chemistry and the expected development of the Global COE Program.



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