Remote Education from California

Release date: 2007.10.05



    With the understanding that, in order for Japan to continue prospering in an increasingly global world, it is necessary to develop “human resources with a global view and the capability to change and lead society,” a remote lecture entitled “Kyushu University students, let’s become leaders—Leadership theory: An introduction to entrepreneurship” was offered by the Kyushu University California Office in Silicon Valley to graduate and senior undergraduate students.


 The first lecture was conducted on October 2, 2007, when students of both the Hakozaki and Ito campuses listened to on-screen discussions between President Tisato Kajiyama at the Research Institute for Information Technology (the Hakozaki campus) and California Office Director Masato Matsuo.


 President Kajiyama and Director Matsuo discussed the importance of having one’s own beliefs and gaining many experiences at a young age, by Kajiyama as well as the need to acquire a true global sense based on “English efficiency, an understanding and interest in international standards, and extensive knowledge” (by Matsuo) from their own experiences of studying and living abroad while young. At the end of the lecture, there was a Q&A session between the lecturers and the students.


 Beginning with the second lecture, successful Japanese and American entrepreneurs in the United States will serve as teachers and talk about the processes they went through to reach their successes, as well as discussing their future visions.



President Kajiyama delivering a lecture to students.

Students listening attentively to the discussion between President Kajiyama and Director Matsuo.