SIA-DAY “Soaked in Malaysia with Nobuko Takagi”

Release date: 2007.09.25



 On September 22, 2007, the 4thSIA-DAY was held at the ACROSS Fukuoka Circular Hall; this year’s event focused on Malaysia with the theme of Multiethnicity—The Lure of Mosaic. The venue was packed with approximately 170 people, an audience consisting of both students and others. 


This event included a lecture on the social and religious aspects of Malaysia, a country where ethnic groups of Malays, Chinese, and Indians constitute a mosaic-like society in which each group maintains their ethnic identity. The event also included recitals of “A Person in the Picture”, a novel by Chinese Malaysian Lee Tian Poh, depicting the life of a Malaysian woman of Chinese descent, and of “Malay in a Squall,” a short novel that Professor Takagi wrote with inspiration from “A Person in the Picture”, as well as a photodyssey of Malaccan sunsets and firefly lights reflected on tropical imagery. During a break, a “Snack SIA” was held and the participants enjoyed Malaysian sweets and milk tea.


The two novels recited were published in the monthly literature magazine, “Shincho “(2007 October issue), and the photodyssey will appear shortly on “Bungei Shunju”. These are all scheduled to be transmitted to the rest of the world through Professor Takagi’s recently opened blog.


Starting with this event, attendance at SIA will qualify for credit as part of the graduate courses’ common curriculum. The students who had gathered at SIA from various departments, after attending the SIA as audience, participated in a dialogue led by Professor Takagi, and all discussed topics including the climates and national characters of tropical Asia, the future of the mosaic country, and the messages that literature can convey.

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