Memorandum of Understanding with UCLA concluded

Release date: 2007.06.06



  On Thursday, May 31, 2007, a signing ceremony for Memorandum of Understanding between the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Kyushu University was held in the Room for Honored Guests of Kyushu University.

This MOU was initially proposed by the California Nano-Systems Institute (CNSI) to establish a partnership with the Department of Applied Chemistry of Kyushu University. The CNSI is one of four organizations which were established at UCLA by the state of California, as part of an initiative toward building a base for technological innovation over the next 20 or 30 years. The close friendship between two internationally eminent researchers, Dr. J. Fraser Stoddart, Director of the CNSI, and Professor Seiji Shinkai, of the Kyushu Univeristy’s Department of Applied Chemistry, was one of factors that facilitated the realization of this MOU.


In addition to the inter-university exchange MOU, an inter-departmental MOU between the CNSI and the Department of Applied Chemistry was also signed and concluded at the same time. The two groups are already planning to organize a symposium at UCLA in January, 2008.


Dr. D. Lundberg, Director of International Strategic Alliances for the CNSI, brought agreements signed by Professor Norman Abrams, Acting Chancellor for UCLA and Dr. Stoddart, and was present at the ceremony along with representatives from Kyushu University; President Kajiyama, Vice President Yanagihara, Vice President Koterayama, Professor Imasaka, Director of the Department of Applied ChemistryProfessor Kimizuka of the Department of Applied Chemistry and Mr. Matsuo, Director of the Kyushu University California Office, who acted as coordinator for the conclusion of these MOUs.




(Comments after signing of agreement)


President Kajiyama
I have high expectations for the potential benefits from the agreement with UCLA, an institution with an excellent academic record. Through future exchanges in the area of nanotechnology, the pioneer area of our partnership, it is expected that our network will further expand from the West to the East, using the CNSI as a base in the U. S. and the Department of Applied Chemistry as our base in Japan.


Dr. Lundberg
The CNSI is aiming to become a key international authority in the field of nanotechnology. To this end, it is our great pleasure to have concluded an agreement with the Department of Applied Chemistry of Kyushu University, a leader in this field in Japan. I look very much forward to the future development of this partnership. This is a mutually beneficial agreement, and in that spirit, I want to build relationships in which we can express our mutual gratitude.

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