The Ambassador of Finland to Japan Visited Kyushu University

Release date: 2006.12.22



On Thursday, November 30, Jorma Julin, the Ambassador of Finland to Japan, visited Kyushu University. He gave a lecture presentation for more than 60 students, staff, and professors titled "A Country Combining a Clean Environment with a World-Class, Competitive Education System."

He described rich, natural environment and summarized many developments of FInland over the past several decades. Of these, he mentioned Finland economic success – rated as the most competitive economy in the world from 2003 to 2005, and second most competitive economy in 2006 – as well as the nation’s strong commitment to universal education from the primary to university levels. He also explained his country’s high level investment in R&D and credited the efficient regulatory framework and public service sector as main factors of Finnish accomplishments.

Ambassador Julin stated, “It is important to build cooperative relationships among universities, corporations, governments, and research institutes in order to strengthen national power.” “For a small nation with limited natural and human resources, like Finland, aiming to become a knowledge-based information society is the only road to success in today’s competitive world.”

After his presentation, he entertained questions about tax structure, education system, and design industry of Finland.

Ambassador Julin concluded his discussion by inviting the audience to visit Finland. "It takes only nine hours to fly directly from Japan to Finland. Please take the opportunity to visit Finland and its beautiful nature."
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