Disaster investigation report meeting on Java Earthquake was held

Release date: 2006.07.15



In the early morning on Saturday,May 27,2006, an earthquake of a magnitude of 6.3 occurred in mid Java Island, Indonesia, which caused severe damage including massive casualties and collapsed buildings in Yogyakarta City and the surrounding area.

Kyushu University opened a branch office at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta City where the earthquake took place struck, and held a presentation meeting by the "Kyushu University - Indonesia Alumni Association" at Gadjah Mada University in May 2006.

Gadjah Mada University conducted investigations on the first break with their specialist groups in architecture, and geotechnology in addition to sending many students to rescue the victims, and called for support of Kyushu University to cover their lack of experience in earthquake investigation. In response to their request, Kyushu University sent a research team twice, between June 6 - 11 and between June 20 - 26.

On Friday, July 14, a meeting was held to report the local situations and to make a prompt announcement on the results of the disaster investigation to the related parties and citizens.
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