Bordeaux Wine Festival, France - Promotion of Kyushu University attractions

Release date: 2006.06.30



 Following the "1st University of Bordeaux 1 - Kyushu University Joint Seminar" on Wednesday, June 28, "Bordeaux Wine Festival 2006" was held from Thursday, June 29 to Sunday, July 2 in Quinconces Place in Bordeaux City. The Bordeaux Wine Festival has a history of approximately 100 years and has been held every two years as a new city festival since 1998. Fukuoka City signed the sister city agreement with Bordeaux City in 1982 and was invited to Wine Festival 2006 as a special guest.

Kyushu University, located in Fukuoka City, concluded a cooperation agreement in 1981 with University of Bordeaux 1, 2 and 3. Kyushu University has been closely working with the universities in Bordeaux City via research partnerships* since then and participated the festival as a special guest group.

 At the Fukuoka pavilion, to which the largest space in the venue was assigned, local products of Kyushu and Okinawa such as tea, Japanese sweets, Chinese style noodle soup, Shochu and Awamori, and the latest studies at Kyushu University were introduced.

The Kyushu University booth presented information on the new Ito Campus, history of exchange between Kyushu University and universities in France, latest robotic technology, and promoted Kyushu University attractions to the citizens of Bordeaux and visitors from all over the world.

[Photo above] Mr. Hugues Martin, Mayor of Bordeaux City, watching robots at the Kyushu University booth (left) and Mr. Hirotoshi Nakamoto, Vice Mayor of Fukuoka City (3rd from left)
On stage in front of many visitors, a robot demonstration was made by Professor Motoji Yamamoto, Faculty of Engineering, and Mr. Aritsune Hiratsuka, a graduate student in the Graduate School of Engineering, which the audience watched intently and gave its applause.
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