President Shi, Alumni Association in China, Visited Kyushu University

Release date: 2006.05.12



  "As soon as I arrived at this campus, it brought back memories of my student days. I went to the classroom of the Department of Physics, where I had previously studied, and I observed grad students studying."

On April 3, President SHI Ning-zhong, Alumni Association in China, and President of Northeast Normal University of China, visited Kyushu University.

It was his first visit to the Hakozaki Campus since graduating seventeen years ago from the Faculty of Sciences in 1989. He was informed that the number of Chinese Students at KU was 500. "When I was studying here at the Department of Physics in 1982, we only had a small number of Chinese students. Our close associates enjoyed making jiao-zi once a month," he recalled.

President Shi had talks with President Kajiyama regarding support for the KU Beijing Office, which opened in April and is planning to hold an opening event in July, and on an exchange development between Kyushu University and the Northeast Normal University of China.

On the following day, April 4, he requested a tour of the Ito Campus. After the tour, he attended a meeting with Mr. Shibata, Vice President of Kyushu University and Coordinator of the Alumni Association, and Mr. Shiota, Manager of the General Affairs Division, and discussed the issue of activities of the Alumni Association in China.
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