"Lifelong E-mail Account" Service is now available!

Release date: 2006.03.10



Kyushu University began Lifelong E-mail Account Service to provide permanent E-mail Accounts.

<< Services >>
Providing Lifelong E-mail Account (
Sending E-mail Magazines about
New campus information,
Academic research activities,
Extension lectures and training lectures for useful for your current business,
Invitation to a meeting of KyushuUniversity alumni association, etc

<< Beneficiary >>
All Kyushu University graduates

<< How to Apply >>
1. Please go to (Japanese Version Only)and fill in the following items in an

2. applilication form.
3. Name at the time you graduated from Kyushu University
   (Student ID No.)
4. Degree and Major obtained from KyushuUniversity
5. Date of birth
6. E-mail Address
7. Re-type E-mail Address


Kyushu University Lifelong E-mail Account Service

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