Visit by the editor of The Economist

Release date: 2005.10.05



 On Wednesday, October 5, 2005, Bill Emmott, editor of the Economist and author of such books on Japan as “The Sun Also Sets” made a courtesy visit to President Kajiyama and gave a lecture at the Hakozaki campus.



In addition, from the evening, he attended a commemorative symposium at the Kyushu University Ito campus entitled [The Future of Japan, The Future of Kyushu,] and before an audience of approximately 350 people, discussed such topics as collaboration between industries and academia, local-to-local linkages at global level, and the declining birthrate and aging of society with Governor Aso of Fukuoka Prefecture, President Ishihara of JR Kyushu, and President Kajiyama of Kyushu University.

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