Dr. Chiharu Kubo Appointed President of Kyushu University

Release date: 2014.10.01




   Dr. Chiharu Kubo, former Director of Kyushu University Hospital, was appointed to serve as the 23rd President of Kyushu University from October 1, 2014.

 At his inauguration ceremony on Thursday, October 2, Dr. Kubo introduced his new executive team of Executive Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents before giving his inaugural address. In his address, Dr. Kubo described the five elements of his vision for the future of Kyushu University and the activities required to achieve this: I. Enabling Kyushu University to Move onto the Global Stage; II. Developing an Enhanced Campus that Students, Staff, and Faculty Members Can be Proud of; III. Cultivating Personnel with a Global Outlook; IV. Creating Innovation and Enhancing Research Ability; and V. A University that Develops in Tandem with Society.
 An inaugural press conference was held that afternoon, at which Dr. Kubo talked enthusiastically about his aspirations upon taking up his new post.



(Top) Dr. Kubo talks about his vision for the future in his inaugural address

(Middle) The inauguration ceremony

(Bottom) Dr. Kubo talks about his aspirations at a press conference following his inauguration

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