Ito Campus West Zone 1 Buildings Open

Release date: 2015.10.01



West Zone 1 (General Research Building (Sciences))

On Thursday, October 1, 2015, Kyushu University’s Faculty of Science, Faculty of Mathematics, and Institute of Mathematics for Industry relocated to the new West Zone 1 (General Research Building (Sciences)) complex on the Ito Campus.  
 West Zone 1 consists of a series of buildings, from Building A, which faces the Center Zone, to Building E, which links into the engineering zone. In addition to lecture rooms and laboratories, West Zone 1 features a study plaza and relaxation areas, offering the ideal environment for teaching, research, and study. In particular, the Study Plaza (8F, Building A) boasts panoramic views over Hakata Bay, downtown Fukuoka, the Sefuri Mountains, and Mount Kaya.
 Big Leaf, a building for lectures and student support, is connected to West Zone 1 by a corridor and houses multiple facilities including a student canteen on the first floor, lecture rooms, a café (Tully’s), and convenience store (Lawson) on the second floor, and more lecture rooms and a balcony with rooftop garden on the third floor. A fast food outlet (Mos Burger) has also opened there.  
 The development of West Zone 1 has created an academic zone running in a straight line from the Center Zone to the West Zone, with related departments located close to each other, including the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering. As such, we hope that this will help to strengthen interdepartmental partnerships and promote further progress in education and research. 

Study Plaza[A1]  (8F, Building A, West Zone 1)

Big Leaf (lecture rooms and student support facilities)